Merzbow - Kibbutz

Urashima 030 - LP

Side A  

Untitled [14:46] extract


Untitled [07:30] extract

Side B

Untitled [21:17] extract


Kibbutz released on cassette for the Milanese label ADN in October 1983 is a mélange of sounds made by Masami Akita aka Merzbow on drums, guitar and effects supported in those years by Kiyoshi Mizutani at the keyboards and recorded at Kitijoji Music Studio in Tokyo. In this first period, the sounds produced by the duo were amplified up to the distortion producing long sonic-anti psychedelic jam session. The three tracks on Kibbutz are extreme trips in the world of sound ready to explode. LP remastered from Ampex analog tape and released in an edition limited to 199 copies on white vinyl.