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• News May 30, 2022 •

Uma162 Solmania – Erosion   LP | 22€
Erosion captures an astounding concert at Eggplant, in Osaka May 15th 1987, recorded at the venue, using guitar, tape, radio, metal, turntable and voice and published on cassette by Solmania own legendary label Fatagaga Tapes the same year in very limited edition. Fully remastered from the original analog tapes, vinyl is comprising a single, extended work over two sides, for about 30 minutes where the artist dives into one of the most joyous and tense musical expressions to have emerged during that decade, generating dense, trance-inducing guitar drones that seem to touch the eternal, washing the ear in rich overtones and harmonics embellishments...   Find out more here

Uma161 Incapacitants – Quietus   LP |    sold out
Almost thirty years have passed since the first publication of Quietus. Is the fourth Incapacitants album released on Alchemy Records and along Feedback Of N.M.S. has definitively consecrates them as the Gods of Noise. ‘’No risk, No return’’ fills completely side a, and it’s just uncontaminated, pure electronic distortion of the highest quality: exciting, frightening, hypnotic and fascinating all at the same time. Side B open with a small noise gem, furrows that precede the intensity and the noisy purity that will characterize all the production of the Incapacitants, titled ‘’Backfire’’. And then comes the masterpiece ‘’Goby Fishing’’, whose sound is particularly exciting, agonizingly dense ...   Find out more here

Uma160 Merzbow – Magnesia Nova    2LP in gatefold sleeve | 32€
Exquisitely recorded and mixed between February and May 1995 at ZSF Produkt Studio, Masami Akita’s home studio from the late 80s to late 90s, Magnesia Nova is stunning immersion into the world of Merzbow during one of the project's most engrossing and important period. Inspired by the intersections between Greece and Japan and between Western and Eastern civilization along with work of Athanasius Kircher (all of the track titles have been taken from Kircher’s works ), is a true blasts of noise, meticulously crafted into gorgeous sound collages. For the first time that this seminal document from Merzbow ’s '90s period has ever appeared on vinyl, in double LP...  Find out more here

• News March 31, 2022 •

Ura047 M.O. – Private Thoughts Recordings   double Cassette in wooden box | 39€
This new work - a release which has been officially authorized by his family - shows us Pierpaolo Zoppo at the peak of his artistic maturity: after investigating the most extreme and intransigent sounds for years with impetus, he finds a moment of reflection and some quietness, without completely abandoning its original instinctive and 'wild' nature, he knocks corners and softens forms, giving us fifteen tracks of music/non-music as 'strong' as ever, but at the same time touching and 'poetic' as never before. Private Thoughts Recordings is perhaps the best gift that the artist could have left us before departing for his long journey, and the ...  Find out more here

Ura046 The Rita – Bandaged Invisibility   double Cassette in wooden box | 39€
For this completely new work utilizing aspects of the female as starting point, The Rita picks apart all leg and foot medical taping / bandaging source sounds by Gabi Losoncy. The various portrayals of the invisible woman in popular media and her choice to be wrapped in medical bandage to represent her otherwise invisible bodily form. The taping and bandaging are articulated and applied in such a way to envision the woman's form in a linear fashion, not unlike contour lines on a map. The predatory nature of her invisibility is tightly cloaked in bandage form. Crushingly beautiful, conceptual rich, and patent by a deep sense of emotive tension ...  Find out more here

• February 14, 2022 •

Fresh from pressing plant, comes three more astounding, historically seminal documents from the history of Japanese noise, the first-ever vinyl reissues of ultra rare Masonna’s 1989 LP Masonna Vs. Bananamara, Merzbow’s 1997 synth masterstroke Hybrid Noisebloom and Club Skull - Akifumi Nakajima (side pic), Fumio Kosakai and Hiroshi Hasegawa - with 1993 amazing and terrifying sole release The Origin of...
Awe inspiring hybrids of frenetic energy and delicate sophistication, they are issued in deluxe limited editions, that are as beautifully produced as records come.

Uma159 Club Skull – The Origins Of…   LP |    sold out
Club Skull is the creative juncture between these three brilliant minds that has produced unceasingly exciting lands of sound. Not only has it fizzed below aspects of noise music, but great swaths of ambient and experimental music, synthesizer, and tape culture. Covering a vast amount of territories within its remarkable cohesiveness - from glacial passages, brooding beats and shifting long-tones that paint images of a darkened world, to long stretches of playful tribalism and repetitive minimal synths and rhythms - The Origins of ... emerges from the shadows of history to reveal a missing link between ambient and quite music, and the electronic and noise act ...  Find out more here

Uma158 Merzbow – Hybrid Noisebloom   2LP in gatefold sleeve | 32€
Composed and performed on EMS and Moog Synthesizers, Theremin, Metal Devices, Noise Electronics, and Voice, all recorded at extreme volumes, Hybrid Noisebloom’s five tracks present a fascinating sonic assault, heavily driven by the presence of electronic sounds, played against the sparse interjections of Akita’s heavily processed vocals, that push toward new territories of the extreme, while subtly nodding toward historical gestures from the early years of the avant-garde. Despite its undeniable intensity, Hybrid Noisebloom is arguably one of Merzbow’s most accessible and engaging releases.  Find out more here

Uma157 Masonna – Masonna Vs. Banamara   LP | 22€
On 1988 Masonna released debut album Like a Vagina on cassette by Coquette (reissued on vinyl by Urashima last year), an overdriven blast of psychedelia and harsh noise, that would rattle everything in its wake. Masonna Vs. Bananamara, Masonna’s second release, was originally issued , of course, on Vanilla Records in 1989 in a tiny vinyl edition of 290 copies. Given its iconic status and rarity, it’s little wonder that it currently commands heavy figures on the secondary market. In classic DIY form, it was recorded at home by Masonna on a variety of instruments, with hallucinatory vocals, and used no mixing and overdubbing, rendering a startlingly ...  Find out more here

• News January 10, 2022 •

Ushi017 Controlled Death - Death Synth Box   5CD in wooden box |    sold out
Death Synth Box is perfectly intertwining into this stinking raw black noise that has been established into the discography of the project, this work is committed to the uprising of total devastation as we have seen with previous Controlled Death releases. Here is presented the embodiment of impure Lo-Fi black noise at its best combined with compositions of utter magnificence. The sounds come from hell, the realm of noise and stench, where men and women wander around crying. The place of the murmuring bedlam, where the giant Nimrod stands out, punished for having recklessly thought of erecting the tower of Babel, with a gigantic horn around...  Find out more here

Ushi016 Merzbow - Collection 001-010   10CD in wooden box | 99€
Collection 001-010 is easily one of the most important Merzbow reissues to have emerged in recent years. Not only does the collection’s contents rest incredibly close to ground zero of the Japanese noise movement, but it is a striking illumination of Merzbow’s early, rarely accessible activities, often entirely defying the perception of the project as a full throttle sonic attack. Released in an absolutely stunning painted and engraved wooden box, with ten individually sealed CD wallets, complete with an A4 folded insert, a 20x17 cm insert with notes in Japanese by Masami Akita, and a numbered postcard, in a limited edition of 300 hand numbered copies.   Find out more here

• News November 15, 2021 •

Uma156 Violent Onsen Geisha – Shock! Shock! Shock!   LP | 22€
The Tokyo-based Japanese experimental musician Masaya Nakahara as kwon as Violent Onsen Geisha has been dazzling us with his entirely singular approach to sound since 1989. Harnessing his unique natural approach to mixier by combining techno, pop samples and hip hop, as well as his sister's karaoke singing or his parent quarreling, screams and glass or ceramic bowls broken, he incredibly built a body of work in recorded contexts that has almost no parallel, producing arrangements where all the style and the sonic atmosphere meet in a happy junk room and elaborating his delirious patchwork studio from magneto-phone tapes.  Find out more here

Uma155 Hijokaidan – Modern    2LP in gatefold sleeve | 32€
The Kansai based noise band Hijokaidan, come with the first ever vinyl reissue of Modern, originally released on 1989 in CD format. Resting at a fascinating juncture between space-harsh progressive, impro and noise, it was years ahead of its time when it first appeared becoming one of the great holy grails of Japan noise. Creatively thrilling - filled with emotive highs and lows - it’s a crucial piece in the puzzle of Japan’s wild and wonderful history of noise music.The core of the band revolves around the trio Jojo Hiroshighe, Junko and Toshiji Mikawa with sporadically the participation of various artists both for live performances ...   Find out more here

Uma154 The New Blockaders – Changez Les Blockeurs    (3 versions) |    sold out
Within the history of noise music, there are few artefacts, as seminal as The New Blockaders' Changez Les Blockeurs. Anyone who has even a casual interest in noise music should need no introduction to The New Blockaders. Hailed by Ron Lessard (of legendary US noise label RRR) as, ‘The first truly devoted noise artists,’ TNB self-released their debut LP in 1982. That original LP is now one of the most sought-after (and expensive) noise records ever. The fact that Changez Les Blockeurs is held in such high esteem by the likes of Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound) who was the first person to hear the LP back in 1982 and recently ...   Find out more here

• News October 10, 2021: The Gerogerigegege •

Absolute backers of sound research that goes beyond the restrictions of the obvious and the frivolous are certainly The Gerogerigegege, a bizarre as amazing musical project born in 1985 in Shinjuku, one of the largest and most populated neighbourhoods in Tokyo, known for its gay community active since the 60s, led by the enigmatic figure of the musician and composer Juntaro Yamanouchi. The spark arises after the meeting of Juntaro just 18 years old with Tetsuya Endoh, a homosexual exhibitionist in his 45s. Attracted by the extreme as well as by noise music and punk ethics, the two gave life to the central nucleus of the band that would have had a very variable line-up over the course of its existence but always based on the weird couple. Juntaro thus put himself to the voice while Tetsuya, renamed himself with the stage name of Gero 30 (sometimes also credited as Gero 56) took on the role of performer simply dedicating himself (both during concerts and during studio recordings) to masturbation and acts not very suitable. The band's first live performances in the gay BDSM clubs of Shinjuku began at the end of 1986, but already in 1985, a first EP was circulating in the Tokyo shops: six tracks recorded in very low quality on a TDK C-30 cassette released on ZSF Produkt, the legendary Masami Akita's label. To carry on the project and his very personal musical vision Juntaro creates his record label Vis A Vis Audio Arts which in 1987 released the first long playng Senzuri Champion. The vinyl shows a first real approach to the key elements of the sounds that have made the band famous and that slowly begin to take shape in the album tracks, where the explicit moans and sounds of masturbation are perfectly audible, accompanied by a drum rhythm and various tools not always definable. Follow in 1988 the legendary Showa album. This is not simply a record, but a work that mixes sacred and profane, proposing the recording in two long tracks of a squeeze between a man and a woman enclosed in the notes of Kimigayo, the Japanese national anthem in one of the most extreme examples of musical satire of all time. The decade ends with two singles: the flexi disc Ai-Jin from 1988 is nothing more than a pop song by the famous Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng played in the background while Juntaro sings over the text in a disturbing way between the whisper and the growl. An alternative work of art in all respects that was printed in 2000 copies that would all be subsequently burned in an improvised artistic performance (only a few very rare copies forgotten in the warehouse survived). While Live at Tokyo Gay Center from 1989, is a red acetate in the shape of a heart printed in only 10 copies that contains 3 minutes of static noises that seem a fault connection between guitar cable to the amplifier. The 90’s literally makes Juntaro and Gero 30's experimentation explode and extreme starting from the magnificent and legendary album パンクの鬼 (Tokyo Anal Dynamite), released in 1990 and containing 75 tracks recorded live all structured in the exact same formula with Juntaro that marks the title of the song and the "one-two-three-four" in full Ramones-style followed by a violent and indistinguishable storm of pure noise for half an hour of an immersive journey through pain and sadomasochistic perverse pleasure with almost no parallel in its moment. This is unquestionably one of the greatest noise albums ever, powerful and cathartic at the same time, a truly stunning and visionary piece of work. And the extreme experimentalism continues until 2001 in a crazy and sophisticated mix of avant-garde, animalistic noise and exhibitionism, hardcore purely conceptual works and ero tape culture, basic punk rock to Ramones (Juntaro’s great passion) and suite of minimalistic drone music, concluding their first era with the seeming disappearance of Juntaro Yamanouchi, for nearly 13 years. In 2016, after a long absence, Gero returned with the acclaimed “Moenai Hai”, which saw the band return to their noisy, deafening style of experimental music. Juntaro returns to release on his label re-editions, sometimes remixed, of his first works and bootleg alternating with new ones in ultra-limited and impossible to find editions. Then in 2019 comes new album titled “Uguisudani Apocalypse''. That's incredible, with many distros and record shops selling out within weeks. A collection of 12 untitled instrumental tracks, the album marks a departure from the eardrum rattling return of Moenai Hai, into a lo-fi produced experiment in funk, jazz, soul, and disco music. This is followed by the cassette, then reissued in LP, entitled (decrescendo), the picture LP Piss Shower Girlfriend and the monumental ten CD wooden box 不安 な 演奏.

Ura045 The Gerogerigegege - Uguisudani Apocalypse    Cassette in wooden box | 44€
Uguisudani Apocalypse is a collection of untitled instrumental songs where each track is succinct and minimal, packing melody into a short and concise pounding of different styles with its tracks influenced by lounge music, bossa nova, funk, punk, jazz as well as the sound of the Japanese bubble era - with disco inflections. The simple spread of different styles is almost astounding, with no songs in it both in the same genre as finally, the album keeps you hooked from the first note and won't let you go all the time. The ability to recreate entire musical genres is impressive, but the additional source of consistency is the genius production of this album. The crisp …   Find out more here

Ura044 The Gerogerigegege - 直美のオナニーと若草寮案内    Cassette in wooden box |    sold out
Always ahead of the curve, bringing seminal lost works back into centre of our consciousness, we have done it again. A true joy in listening and historically as important as they come, their first ever reissue of The Gerogerigegege, 直美のオナニーと若草寮案内 RE-ISSUE'' ("Naomi's Masturbation and Wakakusa Dormitory Guide RE-ISSUE'), turns everything on its head (and not only that) and is not to be missed. This carelessness and the unintentionally time-deteriorated, rough sound quality, all of these barbaric elements, are inevitably related and composed in an orderly manner. This is where I find the perfection of this form of expression. There is …   Find out more here

• News September 16, 2021 •

Uma153 Masonna – Hate    2LP in gatefold sleeve | 32€
Released by Coquette on 1995 in just 15 copies in handmade covers, composed of different materials and inserted in transparent envelopes, the album Hate features one of Masonna’s most exciting and extraordinary work. By deploying stripped down microphone-and-scream foundations, Masonna’s ingenious sonic palette and his unerring sense of rage are cast in thrilling, clear-eyed relief. The use of pedals and effects overwhelms the vocalizations that are practically not heard and creates an irresistible tension, layering a dazzling array of rich sonic colors, hard fragments, and unsettling timbres over the sort of taut psychedelic feedback used in ...   Find out more here

Uma152 C.C.C.C. – Cosmic Coincidence Control Center    LP + 7 inch | 32€
The 1990s were a fascinating moment for music and new idioms of experimental music began to bubble in the underground. While often belonging to highly localized scenes and thus overlooked by a broad listenership in the moment, many of these gestures have proven to be profoundly important and influential and have left an indelible mark on the musical landscapes that have followed in their wake. Particularly notable among others C.C.C.C.'s first album ,Cosmic Coincidence Control Center, that sprang from Japanese noise scene, during what can be considered the "golden age of noise".The Japanese noise act C.C.C.C. was formed in 1989 by …   Find out more here

• News August 12, 2021: upcoming Masonna double vinyl Hate •

A towering holy grail of Japan noise music, I’m proud to present the first ever vinyl reissue of Masonna’s astoundingly ambitious and very ultra limited cassette, Hate, in one stunning gatefold cover double LP, limited edition.
Released on 1995 by Coquette in just 15 copies in handmade covers, composed of different materials and inserted in transparent envelopes, the reissue is finally coming very soon.

• News June 14, 2021: Uma078 Atrax Morgue – Close To A Corpse (2 versions)

On February 24, 2001 Marco Corbelli take part in the performance “Autopsia dell’opera d’arte vivente come vivisezione del corpo di dio” in the Viareggio art gallery, Studio D’Arte Memoria Indelebile. Together with three other artists he stages an autopsy on a shapeless body, which represents the living work of art. Corbelli actively participates in the pseudo autopsy, as well as sounding the live event. The recording of the sound performance will be released two years later on Slaughter Productions in an extremely limited box set titled Close To A Corpse consisting of three CDr. The first two CDr contain the complete live recording in the Tuscan art gallery.   Find out more here

Uma077 Atrax Morgue – Sickness Report (2 versions)

Sickness Report was released in 1996 in CD format for Release Entertainment, a sub-label of Relapse Records for ambient, noise, and experimental works, active between 1992 and 2004. The tracks on the CD were recorded a year earlier, in August 1995 and precisely on the 7th, spontaneously in an hour, like a manic raptus. It is the coldest, most cynical and loudest album of all Atrax Morgue's discography. The graphics on the CD, faithfully replicated also in the vinyl version, were made by Marco Corbelli with images taken from the volume ''Tecnica delle autopsie'' by Giacomo Mottura and are the perfect introduction to the sonic aggression that is coming.  Find out more here

• News May 08, 2021:Uma151 Masonna – Like A Vagina LP 22€

Like a vagina is one of Maso's first recordings and was released on cassette on his home label Coquette in 1988. The original cassette is graphically provocative and contains a long track on each side. Although quite immature as recordings, we are faced with a real discovery, what will become an exceptional blast of vigor and revelation from Japan! Masonna surpassed all extremes with a full frequency violence that was as fast as it was psychedelic. Explosive few seconds of visceral feedback, fast and beautiful and focuses an electrically overcharged universe then awesome screaming create a complete audio assault. A revelation and terrific listen from ... Find out more here

Uma150 MSBR – Structured Suicide LP    sold out

After his debut LP and a lathe cut seven-inch, Structured Suicide is third MSBR release and first on tape in amazing package as everything other release by artist. The long track that occupies the entire A side of the cassette and the first track of the B side of over a quarter of an hour, are filled with excellent harsh noise with strong influences of concrete and electroacoustic music, deep and calmer rumble and ambient effluence. Structured Suicide is a terrific undertaking into the wickedness of mechanized clatter as a foreboding, consuming pollution, the unrelenting and ever-building storm of machines slowly lulling the living into bleak states of ...   Find out more here

Uma149 Merzbow – Green Wheels 2LP Gatefold    sold out

Green Wheels is Merzbow in its most straightforward, most genuine, most uncontrolled and refined form. Originally released by the legendary US label Self Abuse Records in 1995 on CD and 5-inch vinyl record, both housed in a foil-lined cardboard box with the abstract and impressive art work created by the artist himself, which has become another of the fetishist objects of Merzbow and now incredibly hard to find. Like all of his work since the early nineties, Green Wheels is an uncompromising cascade of brutal noise. In this album you find nothing of the minimalism of his early 80s, completely overwhelmed by synthesizers and handmade objects ...  Find out more here

• News March 31, 2021: Uma148 Masonna – Filled With Unquestionable Feelings LP 21€

The two sides of the cassette / vinyl are completely different from each other. Side A can be considered a classic Masonna piece, where it reaches its full artistic maturity here. This side is very brash, earsplitting and mad. The distortion and effects on the vocals are top notch, they in combination with his awesome screaming create a complete audio assault. Remind also to his first period as Open your cunt and Like a vagina tapes. Everything is scraped, fast and beautiful and focuses an electrically overcharged universe, punctuating the thrilling and vocal sonorous power with some quite moments and brief interruptions, conferring a very particular dynamic to work. Find out more here

Uma147 Aube – Grind Carve LP    sold out

It is certainly one of the most complex works of Aube's early period. The first three tracks occupy the A side of the vinyl, while the fourth and last track covers the entire B side. Grind Carve stands out in Aube’s body of work, being one of the few to incorporate only one voltage controlled oscillator as source material. The result is an incredibly listenable expanse of deconstructed melody, long wavering tones, abides, noise and texture, that make it easily one of the most exciting works by the artist ever, emerging with a sound-sphinx that multiplies the listening interpretations; a sound that is characterized in form and timbre but at the same time is full ...    Find out more here

Uma146 Pain Jerk – Neurotten LP 21€

The assault here is very high-end heavy: relentlessly aggressive. The sound severs and bleeds more than it beats and bludgeons. Side A is divided into two tracks, Gushcore and Teen-Wreckage, of incredible beauty. Nothing compares to the sounds emitted by vinyl grooves composed with a mysterious configuration of constantly flowing noise - always recorded live without overdubs. Devastating, unfriendly harsh noise: the hardest rock that is pierced by the sharpest diamond! With only one track on side B, which takes 23 minutes, we encounter one of most iconic compositions from his wide discography: Disembowel. Hearing impaired volumes ...    Find out more here

• News February 26, 2021: Use001 Controlled Death – Requiem For The Boundless Flesh 5x7” in wooden box   sold out

Controlled Death's incredible new work is released on a fivefold seven inch. Ten new tracks, to be precise ten requiem (Rè-quiem carnem I–X), between five and six minutes each for a total duration of almost an hour. The selection of the format is perfect for this composition: the analog support highlights the lo-fi recording and the choice of seven inches allows you to listen to the same song several times, or more songs without a preset order. Thus was born Requiem for the boundless flesh, a pulsating panorama of screams, Korg MS20 MK1 and EMS VCS3 The Putney synthesizers with the addition of the grand piano, electric guitar, tape and effects.   Find out more here

• News February 06, 2021: Uma103 Atrax Morgue – Necro Box 3LP in wooden box + booklet   sold out

Necro Box is a tribute to the degenerate art of Marco Corbelli, aka Atrax Morgue, one of the greatest exponents of the industrial/power electronics in Italy. First LP in box is Necro Sintesi, originally released in 1993 on Slaughter Productions label as split tape with Lunus. It contains three tracks based on death-cold analog drones that characterize the first production of Atrax Morgue. Deviate and anxious sounds that bangs it into your head like sharp razor blades. The following LP is Necrophiliac Experience, a second split tape with Lunus released on Slaughter Productions in 1994. Hence the glacial sound atmosphere melts with murder, necrophilia ...   Find out more here

Uma091 Masonna – The Passion Of Rubbers LP in special hand made rubber cover   sold out

This astonishing double tape printed in 144 numbered copies is reissued on vinyl in only 110 hand numbered copies. The first two tracks of side A are monolithic, ancestral; the planets roar in the infinite silence of the deepest space and sudden crashes hit you with all their destructive power. The use of the pedals and the echo is impressive, nothing is left incomplete, with the feedbacks that cut through the air already saturated with crackles and then the sudden speed changes leave you pleasantly stunned.Time stops and the ten minutes of side A seem to multiply in an endlessly repeated cycle and when you have finished listening you are exhausted. Passion ...   Find out more here

• News December 16, 2020: Uma145 Masonna – Freak LP    sold out

Cascades of electronic noise, a psychedelic touch and vocal belching mixed together constitute the ingredients of Mademoiselle Anne Sanglante Ou Notre Nymphomanie Auréolé, the double-barreled name for Masonna. Maso Yamazaki founded his project in 1987, with a charismatic and glamorous personality who become a cult figure in “Japanoise” scene. Masonna’s abundant productions on his own legendary and astonishing label Coquette were presented in very limited edition, sometime totally confidential (one sole copy), and reflect his predilection for 60’s psychedelic music revisited in its own very peculiar way. He transforms his voice into noise ...    Find out more here

Uma144 Merzbow – Rainbow Electronics  Double LP in gatefold sleeve    sold out

Merzbow stands as the most important artist in noise music. The moniker of Japanese artist Masami Akita was born in Tokyo in 1979. Inspired by dadaism and surrealism, Akita took the name for his project from German artist Kurt Schwitters's pre-war architectural assemblage The Cathedral of Erotic Misery or Merzbau. Working in his home, he quickly gained notoriety as a purveyor of a musical genre composed solely of pure, unadulterated noise. Originally released on CD in 1990 by Alchemy Records as part of the Good Alchemy Series, Rainbow Electronics marks the pinnacle of Merzbow's late 80’s noise phase. Selected and transformed from about ...    Find out more here

Uma143 Incapacitants – S/T LP    sold out

Few projects can claim the seminal importance of the Incapacitants on worldwide noise scene. The group was formed in 1981 in Osaka, as the solo project of Toshiji Mikawa, a member of the amazing noise group Hijokaidan. Later Mikawa moved to Tokyo, where he joined with Fumio Kosakai, also an occasional member of Hijokaidan, as well as a former member of C.C.C.C., to make Incapacitants a duo. They've been making some of the most unremittingly ear-shattering racket for decades as Incapacitants, one of the most significant noise outfits to emerge from the groundbreaking Japanese scene in the early 1980s, and still one of the most radical and powerful.   Find out more here

• News October 02, 2020: Uma001 Werewolf Jerusalem – Black Chapel CD digipack 14€

Werewolf Jerusalem is one of Richard Ramirez’s most known, respected & prolific of his many projects. It’s been going since 2001, and since then the project has put out around two hundred releases taking in solo album, splits and compilations on Cdr, cassettes, vinyl and Cd format. The projects sound is based around atmospheric static studies, brutal drone matter, crackling textures and mood setting HNW. Initially influenced by the work of Chop Shop, theme wise the project often focus in on sci-fi, Giallo or old horror movies and Black Chapel takes inspiration from the last of these. The two tracks here show Ramirez in a mixture of tense and dark ...    Find out more here

Uma125 Controlled Death – Symphony For The Black Murder Tape in wooden box    sold out

Controlled Death is the dark-side project by the Japanese noise legend Masonna and Symphony For the Black Murder is its first official work recorded at Death Control Studios during 2017 and released in April 2018 as a vinyl edition of 199 copies. The activities of Controlled Death are like an archaic revival to the music experience before Masonna. We can also find the pathology image of the early industrial period and the shadows of Vienna actionists such as Hermann Nitsch. The existence and art that pierce through conspicuous consciousness and dives to areas of unconsciousness due to death and pleasure. The tracks on the album are ...    Find out more here

Ushi014 Various Artists – Black Glove Mania CD in wooden box    sold out

Urashima started releasing ten years ago a series of six Richard Ramirez (solo and with partner) ‘s HNW amazing projects devoted to Giallo movies on seven inches printed on black vinyl in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve, limited to twenty hand numbered copies and focused on dense static wall noise.The projects involved was A Lizard In A Woman's Skin, Last Rape, Werewolf Jerusalem, An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter, Vice Wears Black Hose and Four Flies. Now reissued on CD, that include also Death Laid An egg, Death Carries a Cane and Interrabang, planned for the series and never released, in yellow (Giallo) wooden box with ...    Find out more here

Ushi015 The Gegogerigegege – 不安な演奏 10CD in wooden box    sold out

Absolute backers of sound research that goes beyond the restrictions of the obvious and the frivolous are certainly The Gerogerigegege, a bizarre musical project born in 1985 in Shinjuku, one of the largest and most populated neighbourhoods in Tokyo, known for its gay community active since the 60s, led by the mysterious figure of the musician and composer Juntaro Yamanouchi.The band's first live performances in the gay BDSM clubs of Shinjuku began at the end of 1986, but already in 1985, a first EP was circulating in the Tokyo shops: six tracks recorded in very low quality on a TDK C-30 cassette released on ZSF Produkt, the legendary ...    Find out more here

• News August 26, 2020: uma100 Various Artists - LISTEN & DIE! box 6LP
I found handful copies of this long playing box reissue from the legendary Slaughter Productions six cassette box set, "Listen And Die!" (SPT 100), from 1997! This rare collection of the Italian/American Power Electronics Massacre was limited to 100 copies, and featured contributions from (in order of appearance) Iugula-Thor, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Atrax Morgue, Murder Corporation, Diktat, Discordance, Surgical Stainless Steel, Taint, Deathpile, Slogun, Skin Crime and Bacillus: 4 hours And 36 minutes of violent entertainment!
Box comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard and include inside
: six records on 140 gr black vinyl with total black label and total black inner sleeve
: six deluxe cover Lp with different artwork for each title
: each single record inside box package in a clear plastic sleeve to protect from shelf wear and damage
: sixteen pages booklet in A5 size, perfect replica of original artwork
: two yellow sheets replica of cover tape box
: A4 sized insert with new credits in luxury 160 gr ivory paper
: two exclusive Marco Corbelli photographs from family archive
Strictly limited to 199 hand numbered copies with dedication to Marco!
Contact us to place an order.    Find out audio extracts here

• News August 24, 2020: uma146 Pain Jerk - Neurotten LP
When I received this cassette from Marco I was impressed and surprised for original packaging! But as soon as I listened to it I was disoriented by the sonic assault that hit my ears!
Under processing reissue on vinyl of this tape originally released in 80 numbered copies on Slaughter Productions and out this autumn. Thanks to Kohei for his trust and a special thanks to Nobuki for the superb work for DAT mastering with the original audio!

• News August 21, 2020: uma143 Incapacitants LP
“ The word “incapacitant” is from military usage, meaning a material that renders the enemy incapable of response or action, short of lethal force. In actual fact, there are hardly any weapons like that, but what if sound could be used to that effect, I half thought. It also sounded good, and so that became the name, which I still use today. Recordings from that long ago date, like I said, were issued by Teichiku for the two disc set, but what is used here on the first side is something with a rather different feel. I used a field recording, a rarity for me, as the base point. On top of a tape recording of an evening soundscape, I’ve applied karaoke echo, and somehow it came out sounding something like “Broken Promise” from the first side of John Duncan’s album Organic, so I titled it “Fulfilled Promise.” The second side is a collection of smaller pieces. Listening to such artless performances and recordings is a bit embarrassing but, at the risk of flattering myself, I think it has some degree of interest. It’s from almost forty years ago, but I hope you’ll enjoy the very first recordings under the name Incapacitants. “ – Toshiji Mikawa
Under processing reissue on vinyl of this amazing and never released tape with extensive liner notes by Toshiji Mikawa in Japanese (with English translation too) and out this autumn. Big thanks to Toshiji for this wonderful opportunity and a special thanks to Kato David Hopkins for the precious English translation.

• News August 19, 2020: uma144 Merzbow - Rainbow Electronics gatefold sleeve 2LP
Rainbow Electronics is Merzbow masterpiece transformed from about 21 hours tapes for 14 fragments raw material tapes were recorded between 1987 and 1990 and mixed at ZFS Produkt studio, Tokyo 27-28 August 1990. Originally released on legendary Alchemy Records as ARCD-017 in Good Alchemy Series. Masami sent to us remastered audio (at Munemi house, Tokyo, 4 December 2019) split into four parts to be released on double LP with gatefold sleeve. Under processing and out this autumn.

• News August 17, 2020: Queen Sheets
" Looking at an imposing like Megan Miller's 'Untitled Form (Barrier)' and it's materials made me think that any sound made by the structure's movement of bricks against each other piled in a virtual sling of moving chiffon would be perfect for textural, abrasive sound source. After some discussion with Megan, it was decided that a new structure would be built for a collaboration with The Rita that embraced not themes of fetishism, but expanded utilitarian themes around the use of nylon; the stockings, tights and nylon that women wore to work, what our mother's wore for warmth, comfort, and most importantly the virtual make-up of the fabric, the inherent qualities it featured. " – Sam McKinlay
The consequence of the collaboration between the two artists has ensued in double vinyl titled Queen Sheets. Both records are impressive, inspired and near perfect examples of Mr. McKinlay brutal sonic talents. A must have item for HNW/Noise fans; but also a great entry point into the genre to see how one of the masters of the form performs. Last copies available!     Contact us to place an order.    Find out audio extracts here

• News August 14, 2020: The Passion Of Rubbers
Masonna is one of our favorite artists and certainly the Japanese G.R.O.S.S. label, created in the early nineties by Akifumi Nakajima aka AUBE, was undoubtedly one of the best noise labels specialized in tape releases, with amazing and great design and very high audio quality. We are trying to make happen a new reissue of The Passion Of Rubbers on vinyl replicating the original packaging of the box relying on Akifumi original drawings. It may be one of the best work ever released by Urashima. We will never stop thanking Maso for his trust and friendship and a special thanks to Satoru for his invaluable help. Indeed the work would be completely dedicated to Akifumi!

• News August 12, 2020: Atrax Morgue Fanzines
Marco Corbelli’s artistic journey began in the early 90’s. Under the pseudonym of Marco Rotula, he started to release a series of fanzines in A5 format. The first was The Pleasure Agony, followed by Sick and Murders. The aesthetics of these first fanzines were very sophisticated and the content deals with topics that will follow Marco throughout his artistic career: sadism, schizophrenia, insanity, murder, psychosis, necrophilia, diseases, and most importantly death. In 1993, heavily influenced by his obsessions, Marco Corbelli began his musical activities creating the Slaughter Productions label and the Atrax Morgue project. Greatly inspired by Italian Power Electronics act The Sodality, with their 1987 LP Beyond Unknown Pleasures and from projects as Whitehouse and Brighter Death Now, pioneers of a minimal, evil and visceral electronic, Atrax Morgue released his first tape In Search Of Death which will be followed by a series of amazing cassettes in the succeeding years. Under processing on vinyl with new master by Andrea Marutti: Black Slaughter, In Search of Death, Woundfucker, Sweetly, Homicidal and Sickness Report plus a new ultra limited reissue of Necro Box that include three synth album masterpiece as Necro-sintesi, Necrophiliac Experience and Basic Autopsy Procedure and lastly Close to a corpse box set.  Find out pictures here

• News August 10, 2020: Controlled Death reissue
Controlled Death is the synth project by the Japanese noise legend Masonna and Symphony for the Black Murder was its first official work released in April 2018 on Urashima as a vinyl edition of 199 copies which immediately sold out at source. The activities of Controlled Death are like an archaic revival to the music experience before Masonna. We can also find the pathology image of the early industrial period and the shadows of Vienna actionists such as Hermann Nitsch. The existence and art that pierce through conspicuous consciousness and dives to areas of unconsciousness due to death and pleasure, leaving the field to an electronic purulence of rare disconcerting power: a perfect Symphony for the Black Murder . Out soon a new cassette reissue coming as a 99 hand numbered copies in amazing wooden box includes a poster, hand numbered cardboard, adhesive and pin.

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